Jarmila Kostliva - Contemporary Art



Jarmila Kostliva's work explores abstract and subconscious scenery as motifs to describe the idea of imaginary reality. Using symbolic narratives and allegorical images as patterns, Kostliva creates meditative environments, which suggest the expansion of art and life's reality as dialog. Her conceptual approach is focusing on a wide scale of subjects in a multilayered way in her entirely abstract work. She isolates biological elements or objects in sequences revealing an inseparable relationship between abstract and intellectual, creating forms referring to nature and human existence. Born in Prague, she graduated from the Fine and Applied arts in her native Czech Republic, later continuing with independent studies in Fine Arts, in Montreal University in Canada. She was trained as a ballet dancer, performed on stage in her native Prague and accomplished numerous international theatre engagements. Travel became an opportunity to study European old masters as well as Pre-Colombian and Native Cultures of North and South America. Music, dramatic arts, dance, and cinema are all influences that still imbue her work, with personal insights and drama. She currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC Canada.








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