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Colour and Composition

by Jarmila Kostliva




Jarmila Kostliva creates abstracted artworks that focus on texture, colour, and composition, while drawing parallels to human and other biological forms. Jarmila tends to work in a range of mixed media, including both oil and acrylic paint, producing finished products that are striking in their mysteriousness.
In our previous feature of Jarmila’s biomorphic, tactile imagery, we looked at the way the artist utilizes abstract forms to create the impressions of figures. It’s interesting to look at the artist’s recent works in contrast to her works dating back to 1995 – the artist’s older works lean far more into traditional abstraction and cubism, though interestingly many seem to utilize the same colour palette as Jarmila’s most recent paintings.
Jarmila’s works also reference science, technology, history and the artist’s studies of primitive cultures. In her work, the artist seeks to understand and examine human existence through both a physical and a metaphysical lens.

Biomorphic, Tactile Imagery

by Jarmila Kostliva

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Biomorphic, Tactile Imagery: Painting by Jarmila Kostliva

By Dallas Jeffs


Jarmila Kostliva was born in Prague and went on to study art within the Czech Republic – though her works have been exhibited across the world including in North America. The artist combines tropes of figurative and abstract painting to create biomorphic, tactile imagery in paint.

 It’s quite fascinating to look at Jarmila’s works, especially in the way that she seems to use figurative painting techniques to add volume and texture to seemingly abstract forms. Whether it’s a central blob-like shape or an elongated form snaking across the entire surface of the canvas, each seems to take on a life of its own and a visible, tangible existence. As noted in our previous feature of Jarmila’s frantic paintings, each form seems to have a distinctly organic, biological feel.

   The color schemes that Jarmila works with are also noteworthy. I like the way she combines dark, muddy neutrals with incredibly vibrant reds, yellows, and blues. The contrast between the colors is electric and serves to create further layers over the painted surface.



Frantic Imagery:




By Dallas Jeffs


Today we’re featuring the artworks of Jarmila Kostliva. Originally from Prague, Jarmila now works as a painter, creating colorful, frantic imagery that draws from her experience in music, dance, and theatrical arts.

Jarmila’s paintings and mixed media works often take on an appearance that is fascinatingly organic, sometimes recalling the patterns of moss on trees, or bacteria under a microscope. She achieves this despite her often psychedelic colour-choices, using deep purples and electric greens to draw the eye all across the surface.

Also included on Jarmila’s portfolio is an archive of her older works, dating back to 1995. It’s interesting to be able to see the progression of the artist’s style, and the way that many of her older works have an almost Cubist sense to them, both in the use of colour and in the particular way that Jarmila treats forms and objects. The evolution has certainly taken the work to an exciting place!




New Art International

Finding provocative inspiration in Carl Gustav Jung's meditations on symbols of the collective human psyche, Jarmila Kostliva's paintings explore realms of emerging subjectivity in varying states of visual conception. A gifted ballerina in the Theatre of her native Prague, Kostliva brings a gracefully formulated sense of drama to her compositions, extending upon the subterranean mysteries of her archetypal reflections in cyclical concentration


Manhattan Arts Review

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Jarmila Kostliva has always been a participant of the performing as well as fine arts. Music, theater, and dance are all influences that imbue her work with vitality and drama. Her subjects pass through their domains (or stages) as if passing from one dimension of reality to another. These haunting Images originate from intuitive impulses. Kostliva has exhibited worldwide….




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