My interest in dynamic structures in nature has been my focus in the last decade, either created as allegorical, representational, or entirely abstract in concept. I explore the imagery of primordial life and biomorphic forms, metaphorically related to the human physical structure and physiognomy. I am searching for the connections centered on myth, and symbols, relating to the past. To open up the undercurrent motives of our existence, I often draw inspiration from the references in my sketchbook, referring to history, science, and archaeology, and apply them in juxtaposition to contemporary subjects. I allow myself to be guided by forthcoming intuitions by working in various media, mostly in acrylic, oil, mixed media, and photography as experimental form. Ancient and primitive cultures are a strong motivation for my work and inspirational supply of material I use as a tool support. The curiosity and wonder in the process of creativity are endless. New values created, I continue to discover the art the essence of life and living.